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Urban Water Works provides water lines and drainage, video inspection, installation, repair and replacement services in Burnaby BC. If you have water concerns, give Urban Water Works a call. We are ready to safely and efficiently address all of your water issues.

Cost-effective & efficient, we work with our customers to find the best solution for fixing their water drainage issues. We’re committed to offering exceptional customer service, competitive rates and top quality.

Water problems we can fix:

  • Clogged drains
  • Water line problems
  • Wet spots on your lawn or basement
  • Running water sound inside your home
  • Pooling of water on your property
  • Water leaks
  • Water line leaks

Our experienced professionals can diagnose any drainage issue, even the trickiest.

Water Main Installation, Repair & Replacement Services

If you’re in Burnaby and having water issues, give the plumbers at Urban Water Works a call. The sound of running water inside your home, or water pooling on your property is a sign you have a water leak to your water service or water line. We are prompt and efficient so we can address, diagnose and fix your water concerns.

Methods for repairing a lake to the water service or water line include:

  • Trenchless
  • Hydro excavating
  • Excavator
  • Hand digging

We work with you to determine the best way to make the fix and ensure everything is handled correctly, such as calling BC 1.

Video Inspection Services

Our team is certified to conduct video inspections which is the ideal way to determine the source of a problem. It eliminates guesswork and shows us where and what the situation is.

With a state of the art video inspection camera, we record the drain issue, determine the problem and then provide the best solution. Video inspection allows us to get to the root of the problem rather than simply fixing a symptom, which is a short term solution. This helps prevent bigger issues down the road.

Drainage Services

Your drainage system is a key element to your home, but it is often one that goes unnoticed until there is a problem. A regular inspection of your drainage system is a great way to prevent a bigger water problem down the road.

Whether you are looking for regular inspection or you’ve got a drainage concern, Urban Water Works can safely and efficiently address your concerns.

When to Call Urban Water Works – Burnaby?

If you’re a property owner in Burnaby, now is a great time for a preventative drain inspection.

If you’re having water issues, see pooling in the yard, think you have a water line problem or hear the sound of water running, it’s essential you get the issue looked at right away to potentially avoid a much bigger water problem.

Give us a call. We’re a leading choice in the Lower Mainland and we’re happy to help.

With quality services, outstanding customer support and a wealth of experience and satisfied customers, if you suspect a water issue, leave it to the professionals. Get in touch today.

We offer free consultation and estimates.

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