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If you notice a running water sound inside your house or pooling of water on your property, you could have a leak on your water service/ water line. The experts at Urban Water Works can safely and efficiently address all of you water concerns. In addition as a homeowner or tenant knowing where your curb stop and main water shut off valves are is vital.

Your curb stop is usually located on your property line. Different municipalities may have different styles, however they all do the same job – turning your water service/ water line off at property. They are found inside either a 4″ PVC or Clay pipe with a metal cap on top and is usually referred to as your “tile & cap”. With the municipalities initials along with the word, water stamped on it.

As stated before, the location of this is vital in the event of a water service/ water line leak or break. Especially if the leak is before the main shut off. The only way to turn your entire water system off is via the curb stop. Not only is the location of your “tile & cap” important, being able to get a curb key on the curb stop is critical. Sometimes dirt, rocks, debris, dinky cars, can prevent turning off your curb stop. Yes little boys and girls love putting things down there.

If you don’t know where your tile and cap is located your municipality, will or should have a record of its location. A quick phone call to your municipal dispatch with your concern, and a crew should be able to locate your tile & cap. While we are talking about locating your tile & cap it is also imperative that the metal cap stay on and not be replaced by a plastic one. The reason being if your tile & cap gets buried, some people think that the exposed tile & cap are ugly so they bury it. I can assure you a flooding basement is far uglier than an exposed tile & cap. A metal detector should be able to find the metal cap. A metal detector cannot locate plastic!

In addition the location of your main shut off inside the house is also important. Educating yourself and family members about this topic is important and will minimize water damage in the event of a water service/water line leak or break.

Your options available for solving your water service/ water line leak or break are.

  • Trenchless
  • Hydro excavating
  • Excavator
  • Hand digging

Trenchless involves digging two holes, one at the curb stop and the other typically at the foundation. The old water service/ water line is cut at both ends, then a cable is put through the existing line and the new water service is pulled in behind the old water service, minimizing damage to your property.

Hydro excavating is a process basically using a huge vacuum cleaner with a pressure washing wand. The pressure washing wand turns the dirt into mud and then is vacuumed up. This process is used when there is a no dig policy in place, due to very sensitive utilities in the area.

However none of this can occur until a BC 1 call is made and all utilities in the area are located. The plumbers at Urban Water Works can address all of these issues.

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