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The network of underground piping around a house is referred to as drain tiles, or weeping tiles.

This network of drain tiles is either made out of concrete, clay, Big O, or PVC. Drain tiles surround your foundation at the base of the footing to collect the residual ground water, and also collect the water off your roof via your gutters. This water then discharges into a sump, and leaves your property enroute to the City’s Sewer System.

For those that dont know a sump is just a place for the water to collect, new sumps are concrete barrels stacked on top of one another, and usually located on the downhill corner of the house. 

The Problem

The problem with older drain tile systems occurs when the water flowing off the roof goes into the drain tile and encounters a blockage. This blockage could be the result of a collapse or intrusion into the system by tree roots or other things.

When the water can’t flow to the sump, the water starts to backup and the surrounding soil gets saturated. This is when hydrostatic pressure kicks in and starts pushing against the foundation of your home and works its way inside. Your top priority as a home owner is to ensure that foundation leaks are attended to as soon as you spot them. In some cases your drain tiles will need to be repaired or even replaced with a new installation. 

The Solution

The modern drain tile system, referred to as a “Two Pipe System”, solves this problem.

The first pipe, a 4″ PVC perforated pipe, is installed around the perimeter of the footing to gather the residual ground water. The water enters round holes drilled into the PVC pipe which is sloped towards the sump. These draintiles are then covered with gravel above and below the pipe. As the water rises it travels through the gravel, enters the holes and then gets carried towards the sump.

The second pipe is a 4″ PVC solid pipe which collects all the water off the roof, and is only allowed to discharge into the sump and not into the perforated draintiles.

Installing two pipe system around the foundation of your home will resolve the problems inherant in older drain tile systems.

The plumbers at Urban Water Works can address all of your concerns in a safe and efficient manner.

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