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Whether your project is large or small, Urban Water Works always strives to complete every job in Greater Vancouver Area to your complete satisfaction.

Our experience with Jeff and Urban Water Works is an example of what good business is. We have an old 1937 house which required some much-needed attention…. leakage into a below-ground basement coming from the wall? the floor? where??? It was one of those situations…. we worked together with Jeff following a process to determine what would be best. Through my R&M experience, these types of things never go 100% the way we would like, but it’s how the situations are handled and responded to which is what has most value for me. We didn’t have perfect luck on our first try, but Jeff was great in making sure he did whatever necessary and what he could ASAP. We have since resolved our leak issues. Being a business-owner myself, i know how things go in the ‘real world’, and particularly for things like drainage on old buildings, it can be a crap shoot. How you respond, work together and trust the people you work with to find solutions is what I appreciate most in any vendor/contractor. Thank you Jeff for your help!

Deb S.
from Vancouver

After our decrepit 50 year old water line sprung a leak it was finally time to replace it. Not having the faintest idea on how to go about hiring a reliable company to do the job I turned to google search engine to do a little exploration. The upshot to that was the appalling number of negative reviews that the more established water works companies had received from severely disgruntled former clients. Absolutely determined to avoid such a nightmare scenario I decided to go with a newbie company called Urban Water Works. It was a leap of faith that could have gone either way but ended up going the right way in every respect. Jeff, the proprietor, was quite professional and demonstrated a confidence and admirable work ethic that was truly impressive. After quoting a competitive price and receiving approval from the city he went to work with gusto and the entire project went smoothly from start to finish. I can heartily recommend this service!

Joyce Knox
from Burnaby

Jeff did some remedial drainage work at our house. He came out to look at the job and then provided a written quote that clearly outlined the work to be done. He completed the job in less than the original estimated time. He showed up on time and notwithstanding the intrusive nature of the work, did not disrupt household routine. More importantly, notwithstanding the challenges he ran into (clay and more clay), he stuck to his original quote. I would certainly consider using Jeff and his company for similar work in the future.

N. G.
from Maple Ridge

Being thrown in a crisis drainage situation is no fun. We were recommended to use Jeff Fitzpatrick, owner of Urban Water Works Inc. The care, attention, experience, out of the box creative tackling of the situation and back braking work was handled with professionalism, honesty and in a very timely fashion. We were fortunate in the grand scheme of things to get that recommendation. It was a pleasure dealing with Jeff and we would recommend his firm to anyone in need of their services.

Liza A.
from West Vancouver

I cannot say enough positive things about Urban Water Works & their professionalism. Recently, we called them to help with an issue that we were quoted, from a competitor, of minimum $19,000 to correct – unnecessarily. Jeff took the time to hear us out & took the appropriate steps to rectify the plumbing problem left by a previous company. Jeff saved us the $19,000 bill & resolved the issue for us seamlessly. I highly recommend Urban Water Works!

Anne Gavin
from West Vancouver, BC

Jeff Fitzpatrick and his Urban Water Works Inc. Company replaced the drain tiles on our property. Jeff did excellent quality work and had many opportunities to take the easy way out when unexpected challenges arose. Jeff maintained his high standards and did not compromise on his high quality workmanship even though the job took longer as a result. I would not hesitate to use his company again.

Arnold Joe
from Burnaby

Jeff at Urban Water Works was very good, and explained exactly how he would deal with the problem suggesting that I look at a repair once the problem was located, and provided a written quote. I contacted a plumber friend, advised him of the outcome of my search, and agreed that the proposal by Urban Water Works was the best solution and the quote was a great price. I contacted Urban Water Works, and gave him the job, and he was great in attending the next day with his work trailer of equipment. I noted that he was very professional: put a large tarp on the grass to protect it. Jeff called me to advise where the problem was, fixed it and replaced all material in a tidy manor. The quote was the price I paid!! I would definitely recommend Jeff and Urban Water Works, and know I will call him for any additional plumbing needs.

Karen F
from Burnaby

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