Got a leaking water main pipe? Discovered cracks or rusting in your water main pipes that are making you nervous? Even more nervous out about the expense of getting it done professionally? We bet that right about now you’re feeling tempted to DIY your water main pipe leak or other issue. Stop. Right. Now. Back away from the pipe. Put your wrench down. Call an expert. We’re here to tell you why you can’t, and shouldn’t, DIY a water main pipe.

There’s a reason why plumbing school takes two years, followed up by a two-to-five-year apprenticeship. Plumbing is not child’s play. Which is why there are some plumbing jobs (if not most) that you should never, ever try to tackle yourself. Doing DIY on your water mains pipe, for example, is a big ol’ definite NO. Here’s why.

1. Water is powerful

Water gives us life. It’s cleansing. Rejuvenating. One hundred percent necessary for life. It’s also one of the most destructive forces of nature when handled incorrectly. Particularly within the context of the pipes connecting your home to the water mains for your district. For any water pipes concealed underground or within wall cavities, basements or ceilings, such as your water main pipes, you’re going to be way out of your depth in terms of trying to fix issues yourself. A misdiagnosed, mishandled, poorly “fixed” pipe issue, attempted to be fixed by yourself, could lead to numerous, much bigger issues down the road (such as flooding). The end result? The same pipe problem you started out with, only much bigger; a drained walled; and a property value seeping away by the leaky minute.

2. You don’t speak in code

Knowledge of plumbing codes is crucial, especially when it comes to dealing with water mains. Because the plumbing system is so crucial within your home – bringing clean water in, and taking dirty water out – there are numerous plumbing codes in place to make sure everything is where it should be, how it should be, and working optimally. Add DIY into that mix – even the good kind that seems to have fixed the problem – and you’ve got a situation where it’s highly likely you haven’t done the work to code. Which could involve fines. As for bad DIY in this situation? Along with fines, you could be dealing with improper drainage, water contamination, backflow issues, flooding, or worse. Professional water main technicians? They do speak in this approved code. They understand it, stay up-to-date on any changes, and make sure any water mains issues are fixed accordingly.

3. Pipe dreams (and nightmares)

When it comes to plumbing of any kind, there are so many kinds of pipes. Different types, different sizes, and they all come with their own sets of connections and valves. And all are used for different places for different purposes.

Use the wrong kind of pipe in the wrong place, and you could be in a world of trouble. For example, different pipe materials react differently when water and other substances drain through them; using the wrong size of pipe may cause clogs, pressure issues, or burst pipes; while using the wrong connections or valves could cause leaks. More than this, though, use the wrong pipe in the wrong place, and you could be placing yourself, your family and your home in danger. In addition to this vast and varied world of pipes, the professionals you should be calling in for any water mains problems have access to a wide variety of specialized tools, many of which you’ve never even seen or heard of, let alone seen in hardware stores. What’s more, they know exactly how to use those tools to install the correct size and material pipe, using the correct connections and valves, at exactly the right pitch, to maximize flow and minimize problems.

4. It’s going to cost you more money in the long run

You may well believe that you can save money by fixing your own water mains issues. You are mistaken. Unlike so many other DIY projects, when it comes to water mains and other big plumbing or pipe issues, even the smallest mistakes can cost you hugely down the road. There is no room for fiddling about; trial and error is not an option. (Remember those aforementioned potential, even bigger, problems that could ensue due to your misplaced belief in your DIY skills? Improper drainage, water contamination, backflow issues, flooding, a sinking home – in terms of value and physical reality… Enough said.) Don’t let your small error (in judgement and in the actual DIY work done) lead to much bigger, much costlier problems down the road.

Yes, in the world of YouTube and Google, plumbing DIY seems possible. Feasible. Easy even. And for a handful of plumbing issues it should be okay – provided you’re not one of those DIYers with four thumbs and no fingers (or is it all fingers and no thumbs?). But, in most cases where plumbing is required, and definitely in the case of water mains issues, in the real world, in your house, the truth is often far, very far, from ‘YouTube-reality’. Call in the professionals. Get your water mains issues fixed properly by someone who knows what they’re doing. Sleep easy at night.

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