Except for perhaps fire, nothing causes more damage than lots of water. If you’ve ever had a flood in your home, even a small one, you know what can happen and what it takes to make things right again. And when the damage is catastrophic, things can appear to be a total loss. Add to that the amount of time it takes to clean up and repair the damage and the expense of doing so, and it’s easy to understand why water damage is something you want to avoid at all costs.

But accidents or natural disasters occur, and we find ourselves having to clean up what’s left behind. As such, we need to ensure it’s done right the first time so that the time and money spent are as minimal as possible.

Water Damage Repair and Restoration

You’ve probably seen the word “restoration” thrown around to rectify water damage. You’ve likely seen trucks that advertise damage restoration after floods or other water incidents.

Indeed, restoration is a specialized service that helps restore your home to its normal pre-flood state. The aim is to restore it to a livable condition and to its original pre-damage appearance.

The key with water damage is to make those repairs AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. While we’re often tempted to wait for insurance money to arrive, it’s important to understand that waiting allows the damage to spread. And the more extensive the damage becomes, the more time and money it will take to restore your home.

If water remains in your home, you’ll also be dealing with health hazards. Standing water isn’t something you want in your house at any time. It causes mold and breeds all sorts of bacteria, which can cause various respiratory problems and even – in rare cases – be fatal to those with already compromised respiratory or immune systems.

Water Removal

If you’ve had some floods in your home – perhaps a broken water heater or small burst pipe – you’ve probably used a wet vac to suction the water. Maybe you’ve had to throw away an area rug or get rid of some boxes that got too wet to salvage.

But catastrophic water damage involves much more than just sucking up the water with a vacuum. Cleanup can be challenging, which is why it’s best left to professionals with extensive experience in this field.

Remember, water doesn’t just sit on the floor. It seeps into other parts of your home. Water penetrates drywall, makes its way into a home’s foundation, dampens insulation, and permeates other materials that could result in structural damage to your house. Delaying water removal can mean damage that is beyond repair.

During water damage removal, the company in charge will:

  • Extract water from floors, carpets, and other porous surfaces using a large vacuum
  • pump water out of the home via trucks or other equipment
  • employ the use of moisture detectors to measure moisture saturation
  • use infrared cameras to seek out “hidden” water behind walls or in ceilings

Water Mitigation

Water extraction is the first step and is usually an emergency service. As we noted, the quicker it’s completed, the better. Then the procedure known as water mitigation can begin, with options offered on ways to avoid further damage.

  • A water mitigation service company will
  • Remove any debris, natural or man-made, from the premises.
  • Remove damaged building materials like flooring or drywall
  • Stabilize the property in whatever way is necessary to prevent more damage
  • Clean and disinfect anything salvageable
  • Clean and disinfect household surfaces and materials
  • Use commercial equipment to dry out the home

Water Damage Repair and Restoration

Finally, the restoration process can begin. This involves

  • Replacing damaged drywall, floors, and other building materials
  • Eliminating mold that could cause health issues for those living in the home
  • Repairing roof damage
  • Conducting humidity testing to be sure moisture levels have returned to normal

Though removal, mitigation, and restoration appear to be three different services, usually, one company can handle the entire process from start to finish. At Urban Water Works, we specialize in drainage and can help you fix many problems associated with water damage, including repairs. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call us at 604-790-8993.