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Your home has many systems that need to be maintained. The storm drain is something you likely don’t worry much about on a daily basis. Sometimes, however, a problem will arise that requires storm drain repairs in Vancouver. The storm drain can become clogged and water could back up into your home. In some cases, the storm drain pipe itself could break or crack and cause a problem with storm drainage.

What to Do About a Storm Drain Problem

You may notice that your pipes don’t drain properly or when there is a heavy rain the storm drain actually backs up into your home. Hopefully it doesn’t happen often but when it does it can cause a flood situation and may ruin items in your basement or home. It is best to call for storm drain repairs in Vancouver at the first sight of a problem.

If the water backs up there is little you can do until the water goes back down on its own. This can be due to a clogged line that needs to be cleared. The clog may be beyond the home and therefore when it rains the water flows too strong to go out the proper channel. Instead it backs up into your home.

Water may back up through the drain that is usually located in your basement, laundry room or garage. The water may contain sewage so do not walk in it and use gloves when you clean it up. Clean up any water that has entered your home so that it doesn’t cause mold to grow. Do not try to use a plunger and don’t pour any type of drain cleaner down the sewer.

Call for Storm Drain Repairs in Vancouver

A trained repairman will need to assess the situation and diagnose the problem. Provide as much information as possible so that an analysis can find the problem. In some cases, the repairman can use a device or camera to find the exact cause and location of a clog or crack.

The storm drain is located between the home and the street where it meets with the city’s sewer system. In many cases, there is simply a buildup of debris that has collected inside the pipe, making it too small to handle your needs. If that is the case, the repairman can use a device to remove the clog or increase the opening size inside the pipe.

If the pipe is cracked or broken it will need storm drain repairs in Vancouver. This can occur when the pipe shifts underground due to freezing and thawing cycles or because tree roots have pushed the pipe out of place.

In order to repair or replace the storm pipe it will need to be dug out since it is generally placed beneath the ground. Sometimes a small piece of pipe can be removed and replaced but in some cases it may be best to replace the entire length of pipe. Contact our office at 604-337-1196 to schedule an appointment for storm drain repairs in Vancouver.

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Storm Drain Repairs Vancouver