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Drain Tile Installation and Repair

A key system(s) on the outside of your home that usually goes unnoticed is your drainage. One reason might be the fact they are usually buried, and the old adage out of sight out of mind. Or that the existing drainage system will always work as designed. The facts are even with modern building materials, such as PVC piping, and better building codes your drainage systems still need to be inspected. Some areas more so that others for example, If the ground water on your property is subject to a higher level of minerals such as iron then your perimeter drainage is going to need more attention than an area that has less. The reason being is the build-up of minerals. With an annual to semi-annual Video Inspection along with a flushing program the plumbers at Urban Water Works can address all of your concerns.

Another issue might be the use of clay tiles. They are usually one foot in length and about 4″ in diameter, placed end to end to form a continuous pipe. The problem with this system is at every joint there is an opportunity for debris and roots to infiltrate and start to compromise the system which is to take water away from your foundation.

Ideally you would have two complete systems that collect water. The first one is your perimeter drain tile that collects and channels the ground water away from your foundation. The second one is your rain leaders that take the water from your downspouts and channel it away from your foundation as well.

Both your perimeter drain tiles and rain leaders usually flow towards your sump and then discharges to the storm main. Your sump is usually located on the low side of your house and within approximately ten feet of your foundation.

The plumbers at Urban Water Works can address all of your concerns in a safe and efficient manner.

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