There are plenty of drainage issues that are quite obvious. If you’ve got huge puddles in your backyard or a swimming pool in your basement, it’s obvious that something isn’t right. Those are sure signs that it’s time to call a drainage expert, one that specializes in keeping your home safe from water damage and other drainage issues. 

However, there are other signs that indicate you’re experiencing a drainage problem that may not be as obvious as standing water inside or outside your home. These are signs that homeowners sometimes miss. Though the presence of these issues can mean that you’ll be spending big bucks in the future if you don’t address these problems soon. 

  1. Flaking or deposits on your basement walls – Often, we deem the presence of water to be the only sign that there’s an issue with our drainage systems. However, if you spy grey or white crusty stuff on the walls, you’re likely looking at something called efflorescence, mineral deposits that are left on your wall as a result of evaporating water. You might also notice that your wall is flaking off in large patches. This is called spalling and probably means that water is getting inside the masonry. Both indicate that you should check your gutters and downspouts and maybe check the grading of the soil around your home’s foundation as well.
  2. Mulch (and other landscaping) that doesn’t stay in place – If water is not draining properly, you might find that your landscaping is affected. For example, you might notice that extensive run-off is moving mulch or other loose materials from where they should be to somewhere else in your yard. This means you might need to redirect the water flow to stop this from happening and to halt more extensive damage.
  3. Hardscaping is affected – Have you noticed cracks in your concrete patio? Are your paving stones popping up or shifting? This could be because water has washed away the gravel or sand base material that’s underneath. Such signs could mean major expense if you need to dig up your patio and re-do it. In this case, redirecting the water is essential to avoid further damage. 
  4. Mildew in the attic – Here’s one that can really throw you off! Who would think that dampness and/or mildew in your attic would have anything to do with drainage issues? However, experts note that mildew on the underside of your roof or in your attic could be an indication that moisture from the basement or crawl space might be rising through the house and condensing up there. Not paying attention to this could eventually mean the need to replace your roof sheathing as well as your shingles or other roofing material. This could cost a bundle! 
  5. Waterfalls over the edge of your gutters – If your gutters are “gushing” over the edges, there’s a good chance something is clogging them, like leaves, branches, or even dead critters. However, you don’t necessarily need to see the water to suspect a problem. Overflowing gutters might cause vertical streaks on the outside of the gutters or similar marks on your siding or paint. If you don’t take steps to unclog the gutters, paint may begin to peel off or you could wind up with rotted siding or ruined paint. This might indicate that your gutters aren’t large enough or that they are improperly pitched. They may need to be replaced, adjusted, or reinstalled. 

It’s obviously to your advantage to find drainage problems when they’re before they escalate and not when they’ve already become serious. If you’re on the lookout for the subtle signs of a problem, chances are you can make a fix before things get out of hand. 

At Urban Water Works, we offer a wide variety of residential drainage services including flushing services, video inspections, and more. We can address all of your drainage concerns in a safe, efficient, and cost-effective manner. As drainage professionals, we’ll manage your job with competitive rates and exemplary customer service, whether it’s a quick fix or a project that will consume several days or more. 

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