Flooded Basement Vancouver

Backed up sewers and broken water lines can be the source of serious problems in your home. If you have a flooded basement in Vancouver you need to get expert help as quickly as possible. The first thing to do is to take photos of the damages in case your homeowner’s insurance will cover the repairs. Do not wade into standing water in your basement because there could be live electricity. Instead, shut off your water main and call a professional.

What to Do After Your Basement Floods

Once it is safe to enter your basement, do so cautiously. The floor will likely be extremely slippery and the water may have moved items around. Remove some of the water-damaged items that are soaked. Create a space on your lawn or patio or in your garage where you can lay items out to dry off.

Certainly, some items will need to be thrown away while others can be salvaged. Make a list of anything that was destroyed or damaged in your flooded basement in Vancouver. A water main repair specialist will be able to assess the situation and find out what caused the flood. Two of the most common causes of water problems in your basement include sewer backups and broken water lines.

If the water backs up into your basement from the drain when there is heavy rain it could indicate that there is a problem with a clog or a damaged pipe. A broken water pipe will typically cause immediate flooding and will continue to flood until you shut off the water.

Water Main or Sewer Repairs

The first job of the water damage specialist is to determine what caused your flooded basement in Vancouver. Sometimes a simple inspection will indicate the source of the problem. Other times, the damage is not immediately visible. Specialized tools and equipment can be used to view the inside of a pipe or line.

Once the problem is located it can be repaired. A broken or cracked portion of the pipe can often be replaced. In some instances, the pipe may need to be replaced completely. If the pipe is simply clogged it can usually be cleared. Keep in mind that if the problem is on your side of the municipality’s hand-off point it is your responsibility to make any repairs that are needed.

A flooded basement in Vancouver is never a pleasant experience. You need help from a professional with the experience and expertise to quickly diagnose and fix the problem. It is important to get the problem fixed as soon as possible. If you notice a small water leak you should have it repaired before you end up with a flooded basement in Vancouver.

While dealing with any type of unwanted water situation is frightening, it can be much less stressful when you count on a team of experts to fix the problem. Your home’s water system will soon be functioning properly again. Contact us immediately to help you resolve any water problems you have.

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Flooded Basement Vancouver