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As water main and drainage experts, the team at Urban Water Works sees a lot of things in people’s drains that shouldn’t ever be there. Even when we’re performing simple drain tile cleanout in Vancouver, we find ourselves making suggestions to people about how to treat their system so it will run properly.

There are some things that we as plumbing professionals can never recommend strongly enough that you keep out of your drains. These things can cause serious problems, if not right away, then down the road. These repairs can be costly, and by keeping the following things out of your drains altogether, you’ll be able to save that money.

Animal Fat and Oily Foods

If you’ve ever wondered why you so frequently need drain tile cleanout in Vancouver but aren’t sure why to try to think about what you’re commonly washing down your drains. When cooking, be sure that you are never rinsing fat and grease from meat down the drain.

The reason being that fatty things like butter, oil, meat trimmings, and bacon grease will not only clog your life-saving arteries, but they’ll also clog your plumbing systems. These substances congeal on the side of your pipes, which may not sound so bad, but over time, will wreak serious havoc on your system.

Animal Bones

This really should go without saying—or at least we think it should—but do yourself a favour and avoid putting animal bones down your drain. To some, it may seem harmless enough to put little chicken bones from fried chicken down the drain, but it will nearly in all cases lead to you needing professional drain tile cleanout in Vancouver.

We know better than most that this can be an expensive process. To save money, make sure that you’re using your best common sense and not putting bones down your kitchen sink. Your body wouldn’t be able to digest these and your plumbing system can’t either.

Seeds and Pits

Cherry pie is excellent comfort food and a fresh cobbler made with fresh fruit is fantastic. An avocado or a peach can be a great healthy snack, but what are you doing with the pits of these fruits and veggies when you’re done? For the sake of avoiding costly drain tile cleanout in Vancouver, we hope you aren’t putting them down the drain.

To keep your system running smoothly, keep your pits and hard seeds in the garbage bin or the compost pile (even better). Your garbage disposal will not be able to break these up. In other words, dropping pits and seeds will blunt the blades, and then you’ll have a hard time having them break up any food debris you toss down there.

When you have a drain blockage, make sure to give us a call for drain tile cleanout in Vancouver right away. We will get your system up and running in no time and get your drain tile system running great once more and this time for the life of your system.

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